Treasury Advice for Businesses and Individuals

Attached is a document I have received from the Treasury about the support they are currently offering businesses and individuals. I will continue to post updates about these measures as and when they come in.

Coronavirus Latest

The latest NHS advice on how to protect yourself or check if you need medical advice. This should be your first port of call rather than phoning 111 unless your symptoms are severe:

Covid-19 Emergency: My letter to the Chancellor

Attached is the letter I have written to the Chancellor of the Exchequer about the need to support local businesses, the self-employed and those facing precarious future employment in the wake of Covid-19's spread. 

Coronavirus Update 06/03/20

I want to share with everyone the most recent letter I have received from the Secretary of State for Health, Matt Hancock.

Maiden Speech

On the Centenary of the maiden speech of the first woman to sit in Parliament, Nancy Astor, it was an honour to make my own.

Election to Commons Home Affairs Select Committee

As we enter this pivotal moment, re-writing our immigration laws and revising our approach to counter-terrorism, I am delighted to join the House of Commons Home Affairs Select Committee.