Campaign Responses

I receive a lot of standard emails which are pre-scripted by campaign websites and organisations. I do collect, read and consider these emails but, given the volume, I do not always reply to them individually. I do, however, post my response to the issue raised here.

Where it is of a wider public interest, I will also raise with the relevant Minister and update this page accordingly once I have their response.

My responses:

The Big Plastic Count

I can assure you that the Government is committed to tackling plastic pollution.  In December 2018, the Resources and Waste Strategy for England was published, which sets out how the Government wants to achieve this and move towards a circular economy.  Ministers have committed to work towards al


Hedgerows are one of the most important ecological building blocks in our farmed landscape. They maintain the distinctive character of our countryside and provide crucial habitats and food for wildlife.

WHO (COP 10)

I note concerns about the World Health Organisation's proposals around vaping for the Conference of the Parties Tenth Meeting (COP10).

Protect Literary Landscapes

I appreciate the depth of concerns about reports of proposals to build a large solar farm on land that inspired The Hobbit.

Energy Social Tariff

I welcome that, following rapid increases in wholesale energy prices, the Government has taken action to protect the most vulnerable. As you may know, the Government is maintaining the Energy Price Guarantee (EPG).

Community Energy

There is no doubt that communities are key to decarbonising the UK economy, and I am glad that the Government is supportive of community energy. 

Post Office: Horizon and Sub-postmasters

This appalling miscarriage of justice is a matter I have followed closely for some years as the case in which the 555 successfully challenged the Post Office was determined by the High Court on 16 December 2019, four days after I was first elected.

Fairness to Farmers

I regularly host roundtables with farmers from my constituency to discuss how things are going and my last roundtable had a specific focus on the announcement last spring on farming support and food supply.

Rosebank Oil and Gas Field

As you know, regulators have approved the drilling in Rosebank oil and gas field. This has the potential to produce 8 per cent of Britain's oil output which is in line with the Government's plans to secure our domestic energy supply in the face of global events.  It is my understanding that, as i