Trade Bill Statement

NHS Amendment

I have received a number of emails concerning the vote on last night’s Trade Bill and why I did not vote on an amendment proposed by Labour regarding the NHS.

Agriculture Bill

I gave careful consideration about amendment NC2 to the Agriculture Bill, which aimed to ensure that any agricultural or food products imported into the UK under a trade deal must have been produced to an equivalent of the UK’s high animal and environmental standards.


The Death of George Floyd

I am appalled by the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis on 25 May and the fact that it is just the latest in a line of equivalent killings in the US that include Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Michael Brown (and frankly many others).  


Coronavirus Guidance

I wanted to update everyone as to the new rules and hopefully give a few helpful pointers (beyond what I anticipate you already know):

1. You can meet one person from a different household provided that you do so outdoors and follow social distancing rules.

March 2020 Newsletter


Monthly updates from Laura Farris

Welcome from Laura

This is not my normal monthly newsletter but these are not normal times.

COVID-19 Emergency: PM's Address to the Nation Announcing Lockdown

On Monday 23rd March, Prime Minister Boris Johnson addressed the nation and announced that everyone should stay at home to stop the further spread of the disease within our communities. The following measures will be reviewed after three weeks.