Campaign Responses

I receive a lot of standard emails which are pre-scripted by campaign websites and organisations. I do collect, read and consider these emails but, given the volume, I do not always reply to them individually. I do, however, post my response to the issue raised here.

Where it is of a wider public interest, I will also raise with the relevant Minister and update this page accordingly once I have their response.

My responses:

Nationality and Borders Act

The United Kingdom has a proud history of supporting those in need of protection; our resettlement programmes have provided safe and legal routes to better futures for hundreds of thousands of people from across the globe.

Why I voted for Plan B

You will be aware that MPs - including myself - backed the introduction of Plan B measures and I wanted to set out below why. 

Pension Triple Lock

The decision to temporarily suspend the triple lock for this financial year was borne out of necessity because to do otherwise would have resulted in an exceptional and irregular outcome.  

Endometriosis and PCOS

Endometriosis and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) are common long-term conditions that can have a significant impact on a woman’s life and I sympathise with the hardships faced by women who experience severe symptoms.

Universal Credit Uplift

This temporary uplift was an important element of the Government’s emergency response to the Coronavirus pandemic – taking into consideration the range of unique pressures placed on households and workplaces.  The Government was determined to save as many jobs as possible over the last 18 months

The Building Safety Bill

The Building Safety Bill introduces a new regulatory regime for high-rise buildings which will put safety first - and which sets out a very clear pathway for how residential buildings should be constructed and maintained.

Save Our Uplands

The UK's uplands are home to some of our country's most important ecosystems and have a rich heritage. The preservation and enhancement of uplands is inseparable to rising to the challenge of climate change and the Government's ambitious plan to rewild and boost biodiversity across the UK.


On balance, I do accept that HS2 is an important part of the country’s future infrastructure. From an environmental perspective I think that rail travel is crucial to reducing domestic flight travel and both HS1 and HS2 (together with the later stages of HS3 and HS4) will be integral to this.

Overseas aid

The decision on Overseas Development Aid (ODA) was a very difficult one, however I respect the basis of the Government’s decision for doing so. Spending in the last year has been unprecedented.

Plastics Dumping in Turkey

Like you, I was shocked and disappointed to see the reports of the irresponsible, and largely illegal, disposal of plastic waste in countries such as Turkey.