Getting Building Funding scheme

I am delighted to announce that the Government has made two significant funding pledges for West Berkshire as part of its Getting Building Funding.

Trade Bill Statement

NHS Amendment

I have received a number of emails concerning the vote on last night’s Trade Bill and why I did not vote on an amendment proposed by Labour regarding the NHS.

My Calls for More Funding for Young People's Mental Health

I recently received correspondence from the Department of Health and Social Care asking me to recommend any particular health service within the Newbury constituency that I would like to see singled out for support.

Free School Meals

The issue of Free School Meal provision over the summer months was part of a high-profile campaign which I strongly supported.


Agriculture Bill

I gave careful consideration about amendment NC2 to the Agriculture Bill, which aimed to ensure that any agricultural or food products imported into the UK under a trade deal must have been produced to an equivalent of the UK’s high animal and environmental standards.