Teachers' Pay

I am very aware of the huge impact that teachers have on children’s futures and their incredible role in ensuring children continued to receive high quality schooling during the pandemic. You may know that there was a pause to headline pay rises for the majority of public sector workforces in 2021-22 to ensure fairness between public and private sector wage growth. However, looking forward, I welcomed the announcement in the Budget and Spending Review 2021 that the Government is looking to increase teachers' pay following this period of more targeted pay. 

The Department has submitted its evidence on teacher pay to the STRB, who have now made recommendations for teacher pay going forward. I am encouraged that the Department has indicated that to best support teacher recruitment, retention and quality ambitions, a significant uplift in the starting salary of classroom teachers and overall improvement to the early career pay offer is needed, capitalising on the school funding settlement secured at Spending Review 2021. For all teachers across the country, it was announced last week that there will be pay increases of 5 per cent - the highest uplift in public sector pay for the last twenty years.
I am extremely conscious that the increasing cost of living is very concerning for many of my constituents.  A series of global forces have caused the current spike in inflation, not least the war in Ukraine, which I know is hitting households and businesses hard. While, of course, the Government cannot solve every problem and the inflationary bite is global in its reach, I agree that more needs to be done to support my constituents and have been making these arguments in Parliament.