Businesses & Jobs

We are home to many innovative businesses in high-growth sectors such as technology, telecoms and life sciences. We are ideally placed for the raft of investment and opportunities which the Government has announced for science, technology and defence. I will work to:

  • Increase the opportunities for new small businesses to arrive and start up including availability of business premises;
  • Increase business investment, working in conjunction with local business leaders and central Government to maximise opportunities in key growth areas;
  • Champion job opportunities for women. Whilst chair of the Women & Work Parliamentary Group, I consistently lobbied Government for a Women’s Employment Taskforce and strategy to support women’s employment in the recovery, particularly in areas where they have been historically underrepresented, such as science and technology.


Newbury Weekly News: 'Fire & Rehire'

The P&O Ferries debacle has shocked the nation:  800 workers summarily dismissed in a pre-recorded message, personal belongings dumped in bin liners in the hull, without a single word from their managers – many with more than 30  years’ service.

Laura visits the Community Furniture Project

Laura has visited The Community Furniture Project in Newbury, a space that provides training and teaching, supporting the community in every way imaginable.