Access to Clear Waterways

I strongly believe that accessibility to quality waterways carries with it major advantages. Our waterways offer not only a place for people to enjoy a more natural environment, but are often used as hubs for other sporting and social activities. Indeed, one of my favourite things about the Newbury constituency is the extent to which people are able to use and enjoy our waterways, in both urban and rural contexts. Not to mention the incredible range of wildlife that can be found in and around them.

The preservation of our waterways is therefore a vital component in both addressing environmental concerns, such as biodiversity, and keeping healthy, vibrant and active communities. In recognition of their incredible benefits waterways bring, I am currently in the process of meeting with the Canal & River Trust to learn about our local waterways. I am also proud to support new world-leading Government measures, which will see the introduction of greater controls and standards to improve water quality across the nation.

As your MP, and Vice-Char of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for the Environment and member of the CEN (both are networks of MPs working to promote environmental standards), I am determined to help protect the environment, on land and in the water.